Friedrich Gatz


From shaping the abstract idea to giving the finishing touches through attention grasping social-media content or concert recordings. Our passion is to put your moving images and modern communication into effect.


Festival Luzern

Lucerne Festival

Project dokumentation/4:31 min
Author, camera, edit
In cooperation with

Tegel-bleibt-offen e.V.

Promotional video/1:50 min
Concept & overall production
Theater Naumburg

Theater Naumburg

Video-Marketing, online content, imagefilm
Overall production
Theater Naumburg

Deutsches Symphonie Orchester

Promotional trailer/3:02 min
Author, camera, edit
In cooperation with

Theater Naumburg

Overall production
Die kleine Barockband

Die kleine Barockband

Trailer/6:50 min
Concept & production
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"Only the darkness is real -
                        but the light shines."



We advise in all the essential fields of art production. Whether it is in the development of the project, screenwriting or dramatic composition - we will find a way to turn your vision into reality.

We produce film and online content to represent your idea, your product or your company through our artistic and modern view.

We accompany individual artistic ideas with the necessary technical and practical implementation. All under one roof and without any detours.

We combine your idea, your product and your message to reach your target audience most effectively. Cost-efficient, efficient and quickly.


Friedrich Gatz
Production management

Otto-Suhr-Allee 94
10585 Berlin


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